Test Chamber Retrofits
A2LA Accredited Test Chamber Retrofits / Upgrades

ACR Technical Services, Inc. provides the two most popular modifications for extending the life and improving the performance of your test chamber investment:

  • Refrigeration update to non-CFC
  • Instrumentation upgrades

Retrofits / Upgrades / Equipment Relocations

Do you have a piece of equipment that has served reliably for years, but the process has changed? ACR offers upgrades and retrofits to all of your equipment. Frequently, the cost of upgrading the equipment with modern controls and systems is far less than the cost of purchasing and installing a new unit.

Retrofits and upgrades ACR offers include:

  • Technical Chambers – Retrofit services for existing chambers.
  • Refrigerant Modifications – Technically safe refrigerants in compliance with the Clean Air Act and the Montreal Protocol are available. Our technicians are trained in the use of the many refrigerants available to replace the old ozone depleting refrigerants.
  • Instrument Upgrades – Control upgrades from all older engineering units.
  • Refrigeration update to non-CFC
  • Less costly future repairs, as commonly available refrigerants will now be in your system
  • Involves overhaul and replacement of some major parts, for extended life
  • Compliance with Montreal Protocol for control of CFC pollution
  • Instrumentation upgrades to Watlow F4
  • Replace aging or outdated controllers with today’s technology
  • Includes capability for remote control and data logging from a PC via RS-232 or RS-485

The key features of our chamber repair services include:

  • Emergency on-call service
  • Highly competitive turnaround time and rates
  • Experienced and qualified technicians to work on test equipment
  • Preventative maintenance to keep your chambers in tip-top shape
  • Service contracts for on-going support
  • On-call 24-7 support

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