Chamber Modifications
A2LA Accredited Technical Chamber Customization

ACR Technical Services, Inc. can assist you in chamber customization and modification. The process starts by consultation to gain an understanding of your problem and then utilizing our widely experienced resources to propose an acceptable solution.

A customized chamber can mean many things, from a small modification to one of the standard BS, FS and WIR series to a complete unique design for a special product.

Companies choose ACR for chamber modifications based on our reputation for performing the work accurately, quickly, efficiently and under a firm contract basis.

ACR will assist you from project planning to start-up, and continuously throughout the entire life of your Technical test chamber. Through a variety of products and services offered by ACR we will help you select the solution that best suits your needs.

Reduced chamber downtime and maintenance, superior productivity, effective management and lower cost of equipment ownership are the key advantages when you choose ACR to service your Technical test chambers.

The key features of our chamber repair services include:

  • Emergency on-call service
  • Highly competitive turnaround time and rates
  • Experienced and qualified technicians to work on test equipment
  • Preventative maintenance to keep your chambers in tip-top shape
  • Service contracts for on-going support
  • On-call 24-7 support


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